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What those who have taken the class say:


"D. Candis Paule is exceptional and knows her stuff. Her being both an actress and a casting director helped in that she knows where the actor was coming from and knew what advice to give to help the actor to make their audition better. She doesn't miss anything the actor is doing, which I loved about her; along with her dedication and expertise. I don't know of any other workshop that gives you the experience of working on camera and information that is so valuable. "
Anne S.

"I was really delighted to see how much everyone improved from the first class. Not only was the audition technique better, but everyone's acting technique improved as well."
Brooke T.

Filming of an actor

"It was great to be able to compare myself to what others did in the same role. In auditions you never know how you did. Here, you can get some kind of idea about how you measure up."
Sharron V.

"I like that it wasn't easy and it challenged me. I like being forced into an unnatural and real environment which allowed me to truly practice an audition. It's not like hanging out at your friends house and doing mock auditions."
Adam D.

close up on actor

"I really liked how nervous I felt when I was auditioning in front of everyone. It was like I was really in an audition and it gave me an opportunity to practice controlling those nerves."
Ray S.

"I learned how arduous the casting process is for the people casting. I realized how important it is to go in, be fresh, make an impression, and skedaddle with a smile. "
Jenni Z.

"You start to see who looks really real on camera and who doesn't. Then you start to ask yourself, 'How do they look so real?' 'What are they doing differently?' and by asking yourself those questions, you start to figure out this whole audition process."